Prayer to Saint John


O John, shining star of the Church,
who reflect the light of the Father
by revealing to us the mystery of the Word,
Eternal Fruit of His bosom, Source of all light and all truth;

O beloved disciple of the Word-made-flesh,
who at the Last Supper rested your head upon His Heart,
thus drawing the secrets of the Father’s Beloved Son
and of the Saviour of all ;

O beloved son of Mary,
who received at the Cross the treasure of the Heart of Jesus Crucified,
thus becoming the witness of His wounded Heart ;

We beseech you,
despite our unworthiness, our weaknesses, our infidelities,
be our father, that we may be true sons of the Father,
living by His Light
and from the ardour of the wounded Heart of the Agapetos,
under the life-giving guidance of the Spirit-Paraclete,
in Mary, Mother of Jesus and our Mother.

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