Commission for the response to abuse

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A commission at your service

In 2015 the Brothers of Saint John created an internal commission that will receive any testimony of abuse concerning a Brother of Saint John and decide upon the action to be taken. It is composed of a psychologist, a legal expert and brothers of the community.

If you would like to make a report to the commission about a case of sexual abuse, you can contact them directly via the following email address:

We also encourage you to report your complaint to the appropriate authorities – the police or social services.

In the event of sexual abuse against a minor, we remind you that a report must be made to social services or directly to the police.

In light of cases of abuse implicating brothers from the community, the government of the Brothers of Saint John ask forgiveness from the victims for the wounds inflicted against them by the perpetrators and for past reactions and decisions on the part of the community that were insufficient. These instances have made the Brothers of Saint John sorrowfully aware of what has taken place and led them to put a whole series of measures into place to prevent and deal with situations of abuse. Facilitating the reception of testimonies via the commission they have set up is one of these measures.

The Brothers of Saint John are fully determined to do everything they can to prevent any type of abuse in the future.

Prevention of abuse

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Download the letter of 18 February, 2019, from the Dicastery for Institutes of Consecrated Life
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