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Mexico: Men’s retreat

Published on January 20, 2019

Mexico: Men's retreat with the Brothers of Saint John

A retreat for men was organised by the French parish run by the Brothers of St John in Tlalpan, Mexico, on a weekend in late January, 2019. The retreat took place within the same environment as the retreat for women, but the programme was different for the men. The weekend began on Friday 18th January with Mass, followed by dinner and a conference to set the tone of the retreat.

During this extraordinary weekend, those on the retreat reflected upon the theme of fatherhood and manhood. A walk through the Tlalpan forest on Saturday afternoon provided an occasion for the men to pray the rosary. During the walk, under the trees and free from noise and pollution, another talk was given. Everyone participated in a night vigil of adoration, beautifully enhanced by those who were musicians and singers. The retreatants ensured someone was always present before the Blessed Sacrament until 8am on Sunday, when they sang Lauds together. It was a real moment of grace!
On the Sunday, families and friends gathered for the celebration of a final Mass, with retreatants contributing to readings and music. Following Mass, everyone shared a picnic in a leafy park under bright sunshine.

All who attended give thanks for this fervent retreat. Each returned home transformed, like the water changed in to wine at Cana. The Lord gave them a superabundance and they drank their fill of Jesus, drunk with joy at having tasted how much the Lord is good to us! Glory to God!