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Testimony of Brother Jan-Maria, from Slovakia (in French)

Testimony of Brother Karl-Emmanuel, from Germany

In 1997, having just completed my first year of studies, I attended the World Youth Day in Paris. At the Champ de Mars the Holy Father greeted each nation. He spoke to the Germans twice, saying “Wo seid ihr?”, which means “Where are you?”, and then he talked about the passage in the Gospel of St Mark that relates the story of the rich young man. At that point I felt Christ’s loving gaze upon me, and He seemed to say: “What about you? Don’t you want to sell all your future plans and follow me? There are so few Germans answering my call and I need workers for my harvest. ” This interior voice remained etched in my heart. It put a spotlight on the question of vocation for me, even though it was a further two years before I responded by entering the Brothers of Saint John.
Brother Karl Emmanuel

Témoignage de frère Jean-Yves from France (in French)

Testimony of Brother Vincent, from France

It has now been six years since I entered the Brothers of Saint John and I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever! I try to live each day more intimately with Christ and to radiate the love I have received from him. Living with other brothers requires a constant impoverishing of one’s own personal riches and securities. This can seem difficult for the human heart inside me, but it is in fact a source of peace and joy!
It is such a joy to follow Jesus in his life with the Father and in his apostolic life! I want to communicate this joy to the whole world; a joy the apostles must have experienced too after the resurrection; a joy St John experienced when he testified that he had seen, heard and touched the Word of life (cf. 1 Jn 1: 1-4).
Brother Vincent

Testimony of Brother René, from Canada

It was whilst listening to an interview with Dom Helder Camara one day that I became convinced my vocation was to the religious life. At the end of the interview the interviewer asked Msg Camara why he did what he did. His response was very simple but I found it very surprising: “For God.” Everything he did, he did for God. At the time I was a little disappointed with his answer, although it made an impression on me. I spent the next few days thinking about it and started to wonder how he could give such a simple answer to such an important question. After a few days I had to admit that it really was the only possible answer, and that it should be my answer too. From that day on I knew that my vocation was to the religious life!

Whom should I contact?

If you wish to enter the community or have questions about your vocation we encourage you to contact the noviciate in the continent where you live.

In Europe, the postulancy is in Troussures, France
Contact the novice master, Brother Marie-Alexandre at
Address: Frères de Saint-Jean ; Prieuré Notre dame de Cana ; 3 rue du Château ; 60390 Troussures, France

For the USA and English speaking countries, the novitiate is in Princeville, USA
Contact the novice master, Brother John-Luke at
Address: Saint Joseph Friary, 11223 West Legion Hall Road, Princeville, IL 61559, USA

For Mexico and Spanish speaking countries, the novitiate is in Monterry, Mexico
Contact the novice master, Brother Léopold at
Address: Priorato San Juan, Brasil 100, Colonia Rincón de la Sierra A. P. 3-B, 67181 Guadalupe (Monterrey), NL Mexique

For Africa, the novitiate is in Simbock, Cameroon
Contact the novice master, Brother Jean at
Address: Prieuré Notre Dame de la Lumière, Simbock – BP 765, Yaoundé Cameroun

For Asia, the novitiate is in Cebu, Philippines
Contact the novice master, Brother Clément
Address: Banawa Hills P.O. Box 1160, 6 000 Cebu City Philippines

Delve a little deeper

What is the day-to-day life of a brother like?

We live in small communities, called priories, of between 5 and 10 brothers. The day begins with a time of silent prayer in the chapel, followed by the office of Lauds.

La matinée est occupée soit à au travail apostolique (par exemple visite des malades ou cours de catéchisme), soit à l’étude et à la préparation des apostolats (homélies, cours etc.).
La messe, moment privilégié de la journée, est célébrée dans la matinée ou en fin d’après-midi.
Un petit office du milieu du jour est chanté au cours de la matinée, souvent avant le déjeuner.
Comme le matin, l’après-midi est souvent dédié à l’apostolat.
Dans la semaine du temps est aussi consacré aux nécessités matérielles du prieuré (faire les courses, le ménage, les réparations, etc.), ainsi qu’à la détente et au sport. Il y a aussi des temps de réflexion et de rencontre communautaire, comme par exemple le chapitre.
La fin d’après-midi est marquée par un temps d’adoration du Saint Sacrement et l’office de Vêpres chanté en commun.
Le dernier office de la journée est l’office de complies. Il est célébré soit ensemble, soit individuellement.

What are the 3 vows?

We take three vows: the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Life according to these vows corresponds to “that form of life which he, as the Son of God, accepted in entering this world.” (Vita Consecreta, 16)

C’est pour cela qu’en faisant cette promesse de vivre selon les vœux, nous nous appuyons sur la miséricorde de Dieu et l’aide de nos frères (Cf. Rituel de profession). Notre désir est de nous unir au plus près à Jésus, en choisissant de vivre la forme de vie qu’Il a choisi sur terre et en cherchant à « s’approprier progressivement les sentiments du Christ envers son Père. » (Vita consecrata, 65).

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