Psychoanalysis and freedom in Terrebonne, Canada

Publié le January 18, 2020

Psychoanalysis and freedom in Terrebonne, Canada

Published in French on 18 January, 2020

On Saturday, 18 January, a good forty or so brothers braved the snow and ice to come and reflect upon the work of Viktor Frankl, a renowned psychiatrist, starting from his experience of concentration camps. What an inspiring author to help us reflect on “the meaning of life”. It was Frankl who established “logotherapy” as the third branch of psychotherapy, orientating the patient’s efforts towards a focus point that grounds his or her life rather than a re-reading the past. This fruitful and fulfilling work brings finality and conditioning together once again.

We recommend reading his testimony and presentation of logotherapy, Man’s search for meaning. It is a small book that reads more like a novel and would work very well as the reading during meal times (for us religious).

On 7 March we continued our investigation into freedom by working on Macha Chmakoff’s Le Divin et le divan and Jeannine Guindon’s Vers l’autonomie psychique. We have scheduled a session for 9 May on Aristotle, leading to a conference on 6 June with Br Thomas on the theme of “being free”.

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