The Family of Saint John in Princeville, USA

Publié le January 20, 2020

The Family of Saint John in Princeville, USA

Published in French on 20 January, 2020

The town of Princeville in Illinois, USA, is, along with Simbock in Cameroon, one of the rare places in the world in which all three religious branches of the Family of Saint John are present.

The Brothers in Princeville therefore try to be attentive to the different modalities of each community, lived within the same Johannine charism. Respectful attention enables them to benefit from what can be offered from each community, their complementarity and unique richness, and to share this with all those the Lord sends them.

The Brothers share ministry to children, teenagers, students and young professionals with the Apostolic Sisters. They work together in a joyful climate to prepare events, feasts and solemnities with the desire to be able to give the best of the spirit of Saint John.

One of the brothers had the joy of preaching the annual retreat for the brothers and sisters from the priories in Orange, USA, and Terrebonne, Canada. He was struck by the palpable fervour of the retreat, where the brothers and sisters share a chapel and common rooms with the respect and simplicity of the first Christian communities.

The three branches of the Family of Saint John are also represented when oblates and future oblates are welcomed: not only do they form part of the Family of Saint John; they also bring opportunities for apostolic work that they either carry out by themselves or alongside brothers and sisters.