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Publié le April 1, 2020

Published in French on 23 January, 2020

Publication Brother Marie-Jérôme TernynckThe latest book (in French) from Br Marie-Jérôme, Professor of Biblical Exegesis at the Studium of Rimont was published in January.

Here is the publisher’s synopsis:

The “end of the world” is inescapable: it is the only way for God to wipe out the evil that disfigures his creation. This is what the Catechism tells us, and we believe it to be true.

But is it also true that the destruction of evil requires – as is taught by the sacred texts of Christians, but also Jews and Muslims – the destruction of the world that nourishes it? This is a burning question for the author and provides the framework for his astonishing and luminous book.

His meditation begins by evoking, under the guise of fiction, four crucial moments in the history of Christianity. It continues with six “letters” in which, under the inspiration of the Book of Job, the author directly addresses God. In an epilogue, the author provides the reader with keys to a contemporary reception of the hope of the Biblical figures, by distinguishing between a historicizing reading of the Bible and one that looks to its symbolic content. 

This book about the last ends of man radiates culture, spirituality and fervour. 

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