Music Video by Br Samuel Mary wins second prize at the Sinulog Film Festival

Publié le April 1, 2020

Brother Samuel-Mary's clip

Published in French on 3 February, 2020

“My Unfading Joy” is a song written by Brother Samuel Mary, a Brother of Saint John and a talented musician and composer, who also made the music video. During his ministry in Cebu he was inspired to write a song about the love the people of Cebu have for the Santo Niño, an image of the Child Jesus that has played a major part in the Christian faith of Filipinos since 1521. The song tells the story of the love the Queen has for the Santo Niño whilst she dances for him during a traditional feast.

The video won second place in the category of “Music Video” at the 2020 Sinulog Film Festival, a festival of short-film that brings together both amateurs and professionals.

Brother Samuel Mary is joined in the video by the singer, Inah Libre. The film was directed by Roy Empleo and shot and produced by Cris Damo. Camille Joyce N. Miñoza played the part of the Queen and many other people acted and assisted in making this project a reality, in honour of the Santo Niño of Cebu.

Viva Señor Santo Niño !