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Shooting of the Music Video “Rise” in Puy en Velay

Published on March 23, 2021

Brother Samuel Mary Rise Music Video

About a year ago, Brother Samuel Mary composed the music track Rise, inspired by the Gospel of Saint John on the resurrection of Lazarus. This track is taken from the album Bring You Home.

Brother Samuel Mary had the idea that he would shoot the clip in the Philippines at the end of his internship. However, Covid put a spanner in the works to this project. Whilst taking some time off over the Christmas holidays his desire to shoot a short film resurfaced.

His appeal for Puy-en-Velay, in particular its cathedral, made him think it would be the perfect setting to carry out his project. With Brother Jean of the Eucharist’s love for making culinary videos, the two perpetually professed student brothers at Rimont, embarked on this common goal. It is thanks to the inspiration of Brother Jean of the Eucharist, who plays the role of actor in the clip, that the choice for the title Rise was decided.

The two brothers stayed at the priory of the Apostolic Sisters of Saint-Jean in Puy-en-Velay during this time, and the latter gave them privileged access to the cathedral, in particular the very impressive singular staircase which begins from the outside of the building and emerges at the top, through the thick slab of the sanctuary where many pilgrims have walked. This magnificent staircase was the perfect backdrop to illustrate the upward movement of the sinner towards Christ in symbolizing the Resurrection.

For Brother Samuel-Mary, this very first film and video edititing shoot taught him a great deal on how to showcase his music… and also what to improve on next time. It’s a promise! You will soon be able to view wonderful scenes of our brothers in formation made by this talented American brother, via the Brothers of Saint John Youtube channel.