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News from Lumen Valley in Kara (Togo)

Published on April 13, 2021

The work in Lumen Valley continues. The brothers have taken great heart as to how much the youth have invested of themselves to the project, a testiment to what can be achieved.

How the work has progressed has even surprised those who initiated it and has gone beyond a simple construtction project to a way of life. The work as a whole has brought with it much enthusiasm and sets out a good blueprint for the future.

Buiding Works

Everything is moving quickly and given that the work of the resourcing centre was launched not even a year ago, in June 2020, a great deal of credit goes to the work of the young people.

There are currently 5 bungalows of different categories of the major works nearing completion.

On the structural side, the 40-room building also is almost completed.

The 25 metre thatched roof water tower which has 4 rooms above it is almost finished too. Besides storing up to 70m3 of water to feed the entire center by gravity, it will also serve as a control tower for the entire estate.

The 300-seat conference room is in advanced stages of construction. It is intended for hosting seminars / conferences and retreats.

The other part in progress is the construction of the novitiate launched barely 8 weeks ago that is already in the process of being upgraded. The objective of this first phase is to launch operations in June 2022.

Business Schools

Business schools are making giant strides in terms of creation and work capacity. Training is given to support them in their progress each week.

Landscaping, thatching, the working of natural stones from Togo, honey production or even sheep-rearing, all the latest news can be followed in the Lumen Valley newsletter for the month of April.

Construction work in Kara

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