Noé Mission – France

Noé Mission Saint-Jean

The Noé Mission Association was founded in 2002 in response to two requests: firstly, that of young laypeople who wanted to take part in some sort of humanitarian mission, and secondly that of the Brothers and Sisters of Saint John who were looking for help to carry out their apostolic missions.

The association recruits, forms and accompanies volunteers (aged 20+) who are willing to commit for a period of 10-24 months to helping run and develop humanitarian projects set up by the Brothers and Sisters of Saint John for those most in need.

The association is led by a team of lay volunteers made up of both young people and older people with more experience. Many members of the team are young adults who have themselves participated in projects run by the association in the past. Thus they have first-hand experience of the various missions, and also a keen desire to help others benefit from this enriching experience of volunteer-work. The work of the association is undertaken in collaboration with the Brothers and Sisters of Saint John.


Pondicherry Priory – India: providing help and welcome to children, teenagers and adults who are HIV Positive.
Magdalena Association – France: accompanying and offering support to those who live on the streets and to men and women involved in prostitution.
Saint-Jean Espérance – France: a place of welcome for young men and women aged between 18 and 35 who are struggling with addictions, especially drug addiction.
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