The parish Saint-Louis between Grosne and Guye is entrusted by the bishop of Autun to the brothers of Saint-Jean of the Priory of Rimont. This installation of the brothers of Saint-Jean dates from October 1st, 2017 in St Gengoux Le National by Mgr Rivière.

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Priory of formation

The third training step for novices is the simple profession (at least 4 years old). This time is done in the priory training of Saint-Jodard and Rimont. It always includes an internship (1 or 2 years) in an apostolic priory. At the end of this period which confirms or not the call, the brother will be able to pronounce his perpetual vows. For those who are called to it, priestly ordination always takes place once the definitive profession has been pronounced, it concerns a great majority of the brothers.