Evangelisation Tours – Cameroon

Caravane d'évangélisation au Cameroun

Evangelisation Tours started in the year 2000, and was the inspiration of Brother Hervé-Marie from the priory in Yaoundé, Cameroon. It organises evangelisation weeks all over the country and further afield. So far Evangelisation Tours has visited nearly 250 parishes in Cameroon and has also travelled to Rwanda, the Island of Réunion and Gabon, among other places.

Evangelisation Tours has experienced significant growth since 2006 through reaching out to larger audiences. Evangelisation weeks are now organised in stadiums and other places open to anyone and everyone; for example its Christade Week is held at the Multisport Stadium in Yaoundé, where over 4000 people come together every evening for a week to live and share a unique moment of communion with the Lord, listening to His Word and offering Him praise.

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