Sophia Programme – France

Formation Parcours Sophia

The Sophia Programme offers formation in philosophy and theology. It comprises three or four weekends per year and is completed over either a two or a three year cycle. It is possible to participate in one or more sessions without attending the whole course.

The Sophia Programme in Philosophy:

Several different philosophical approaches (the philosophy of art, ethics, philosophy of the living being, metaphysics, politics, etc.) enable us to discover man in his capacity to work, in his search for happiness, in his unity of body and soul and in his metaphysical openness to transcendence. This philosophical perspective then helps us to question – without falling into a rigid or compromised approach – the pertinence of the ethical positions put forward in society today. It also enables us to combine reason and faith.

The Sophia Programme in Theology:

The ‘Sophia Programme in Theology’ is a complete course designed to enable people with little free time to gain an analytical knowledge of the principal mysteries of the Christian faith. Starting from divine revelation in Holy Scripture, which is passed on through the tradition of the Catholic Church, the programme leads participants to an understanding of dogma as set forth by the Magisterium of the Church. It then goes on to consider the Fathers of the Church and St Thomas Aquinas as well as looking at the perspectives of some of the more contemporary theologians.

Sophia Programme in Theology at Rimont (France)
Sophia Programme in Philosophy at Troussures (France)
‘Going deeper’ – Sophia follow-up days at Boulogne-Billancourt (France)


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