Institute of Saint John in Yaoundé – Cameroon

L'Institut Saint-Jean à Yaoundé au Cameroun

Prépa Vogt : a Private Institute of Higher Education

The local cycle of studies at Prépa Vogt in Yaoundé, Cameroon, was created in 2016 under the title of the Institute of Saint John. It is a Private Institute of Higher Education (Institut Privé d’Enseignement Supérieur) and provides formation in Information Techonology. The campus is situated in Simbock, Etok Koss. There are two programmes of formation offered: Engineering, in partnership with the Technological University of Troyes (France); Professional Licentiate, in partnership with the University of Yaoundé I (Cameroon Polytechnic). The diplomas at the end of the formation are therefore awarded by the partner institutions (a double diploma in Engineering).

The prime objective of the formation given here is to enable the students to acquire technical, managerial and entrepreneurial skills. During the course of formation, students must undertake, even from the first year, several internships with the businesses that partner our institute, including a business discovery internship and a specialisation internship. As well as these internships, students have the opportunity to gain several international certifications from the likes of Cisco, Microsoft, MySQI, Orcale, etc. Our goal is that by end of their formation students will be able to successfully compete for employment and also be able to start up their own businesses.

Brother Jean-Hervé, the principal of Vogt Highschool (a highly regarded institution due to its excellent Baccalaureate results), found that it was difficult for the school to retain students with good grades because they wanted to go on to higher education at the good quality establishments abroad. The Institute of Saint John offers a response to this problem by bringing a French university level of formation to Cameroon.

Prépa Vogt : Institute of Saint-Jean

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