Saint John Institute – USA


An MBA for the new evangelisation

In order to respond to the call for a new evangelisation, we need to prepare the next generation of lay leaders to exercise their gifts with good sense and fervour. The Saint John Institute offers formation at a high level for missionary work, by educating and training evangelisers who possess both an entrepreneurial spirit and a missionary heart.

With a degree from the Saint John Institute you will receive a formation that enables you to:

  • Create initiatives that proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and His teaching effectively
  • Persevere in their apostolate in the long-term
  • Propose new and creative solutions to the contemporary challenges for evangelisation
  • Draw life from their desire to inspire others to follow the path of the Lord

Discover the Saint John Institute

History of the Saint John Institute

Since 1975 the Brothers of Saint John have dedicated themselves to the intellectual and spiritual formation of young people. The roots of the Saint John Institute (SJI) date back to 2003, when Eagle Eye Ministries (EEM), an initiative of the Brothers of Saint John, offered its first retreat. EEM emerged as a response to the need for young adults to receive formation that was profound and meaningful. That first Eagle Eye retreat was planned as a one-off, but the need for formation was so great that Eagle Eye retreats were requested in many other towns throughout the United States of America. 

For fourteen years EEM has responded to the requests of young adults and now offers 20 retreats each year. In 2007 EEM introduced its flagship programme, the Eagle Eye Institute, which ran for six years and bore much fruit. Having proved its worth and with a vision to move forward, in 2016 EEM created what is now its benchmark programme: the Saint John Institute.


Our Schools of Life – France, Ethiopia, Philippines
The Institute of Saint John in Yaoundé – Cameroon: formation equivalent to French University Status
Festival of Saint John – France: five days of open air festivities for 16-30 year olds