Prevention of abuse

Prévention des abus

Following some cases of abuse involving brothers, the community superiors have asked for, and indeed continue to ask for, forgiveness from the victims for wounds they suffered at the hands of others and for the community’s insufficient reaction and decision-making in the past. Having been made painfully aware of the cases of abuse, the community superiors have put in place a series of measures to both prevent and deal with cases of abuse. These measure include :

  • better discernment of a candidate’s vocation,
  • with the help of external qualified professionals, formation for the brothers helping them to develop a mature affectivity and sexuality, to gain skills in personal accompaniment, and in knowing how to deal with cases of paedophilia and sexual abuse,
  • implementation of relevant procedures (approved by the Vatican), in particular the passing on of information to the judicial authorities,
  • The creation of a commission – including laypeople – to examine any witness of, admission of or complaint of abusive behavior.

The community superiors are fully determined to prevent and appropriately deal with situations of abuse, and in this they have the support of the whole Congregation of the Brothers of Saint John.

Commission for the response to abuse

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